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The Disapoinment Of Mayfair

The Disapoinment Of Mayfair


It’s billed as a “Superclub” but can the hype, surrounding this new addition to the Strip, live up to the hype?

A little background on Mayfair.

Mayfair replaced the well known Hyde nightclub that, in its time was one of the places to be in Las Vegas on the weekend.

Hyde and now Mayfair have stunning views directly overlooking the Bellagio Fountains from the comfort of your rather expensive table.

Hyde had one of the most expensive experiences you could have splashed out on in Vegas; one could have parted with a cool $250,000.00 for their High Roller Package, that allowed you to turn on the famous fountains lights and select your own song to be played for the occasion!

I guess they didn’t sell many packages as Hyde closed in June 2019.

Walking into Mayfair, you are immediately submerged into the stunning artwork on the walls, the beautiful features and colours that have been used to decorate this venue. They are absolutely wonderful!   Walking to your table, you know you are going to be in for an expensive evening here. The tables are dressed in fine linen, the silver and glassware are rather exquisite to accompany your meal, and the service is very, very good! They are incredibly attentive to your every need. The menu is relatively small compared to other high-end restaurants in Vegas but still gives you the usual fine steak and poultry options. They have a Truffle pasta as a side option, and it is out of this world! Some of the best pasta I have ever tasted! Mains start at $35.00 for their cauliflower steak (which is very good, considering it will probably be the most expensive cauliflower most of us will ever eat), and if you are in the mood for some red meat, the Prime Rib is priced at $75.00! The cocktails and other drinks are pretty pricey too, expect to pay around $20.00 for a glass of MUMM and upwards for the more refined cocktails and wines. 
Courtesy of Mayfair
Mayfair has done an excellent job in their advertising, and as a result, the waitlist to get a table here is pretty timely. To get a table here on a Friday or Saturday night, will need you to book at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. The images and brief videos you see in their marketing campaigns suggest this is a very “top end” experience, one that isn’t rivalled anywhere else on the Strip. While I would agree with part of that, because it is a beautiful venue for dinner, I did come away from Mayfair thinking, “Is that it? I’m still ravenous”! You don’t get a lot for your money here. Paying close to $300.00 for 1x starter, 1x side, 2x mains and 4x drinks puts this restaurant in the “costly” category! I wanted to indulge more, but I didn’t want to pay through the nose for the privilege of eating and drinking here. I felt that it lacks in the “overall Vegas experience”. For example, while the overall experience was nice, it didn’t meet the expectations I had been lead to believe from their advertising. I was expecting to be dazzled in many ways, by the entertainment, fore and foremost, by the food, which lacked in the amount received and quality, to the drinks being very expensive here.  Granted the music was entertaining, it just lacked that WOW factor! Am I in a hurry to go back for a second time? No! There are other restaurants I would go back to for a second time before I would come back here, like Bavette at the Park MGM and the stunning Mizumi at Wynn. Overall, it was good to have experienced Mayfair’s hype; it just lacked in many ways, other than being expensive!
Mayfair Lounge at Bellagio
Courtesy of Mayfair

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