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some cool adventures in Las Vegas that we must share

There’s not a more exciting place on the planet than Las Vegas. I’m a Neil McMullin a Brit transplant to Vegas. For the last several years I’ve been living Las Vegas and now I am sharing all the little secrets that are supposed to stay in Vegas.

Wynn Casino Las Vegas

Steve Wynn Las Vegas Resorts

If you have never heard of Steve Wynn before, first things first, he knows how to build and design beautiful resorts and hotels! He initially

New York-New York Las Vegas

“We need something that is on the Strip, so it is close to everything, nice enough for all of us to stay in without worrying,

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behind the Vegas scenes

Budweiser Beer Park Las Vegas

Budweiser’s Beer Park is an excellent spot for those who love cold beers, American food and watching live sports!  Beer Park is located in front