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How Much Money Do You Need For Vegas?

How Much Money Do You Need For Vegas?

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First things first, Vegas is not a cheap destination to come too. Vegas will take all your money (and more) if you let her.

I speak as someone who has travelled to many different countries and has been to many other US cities to understand just how much we should be expecting to pay for the finer things in life.

Some History

I came to Vegas for my 30th birthday and was blown away by the availability of pretty must, everything! Most of us know why Vegas has the history that it does and how easy it is for us all to get carried away with our desires when we are here.

My first trip here was with a previous partner, and most of the trip was spent doing the usual sightseeing tours, eating and drinking, getting lost at all there is to see and marvelling at the sheer size of it all.   

It was fun and enjoyable but wasn’t the “Las Vegas Experience” that many of my friends back in England spoke so passionately about. It called for a return!

I had to wait for a few years to come back here with friends, partly so we could all save the money up to then blow it all, and some, in a matter of days.

Six of us came in the summer of 2014, and had the time of our lives! We still reminisce about it all to this very day. We did Vegas in the way that six young men classically do; partied hard, ate very little, slept even less and went back to England broke and needing another holiday to recover from it all.

Even though I was a little beaten up from all the love this place shows you when you have a credit card burning a hole in your pocket, I was addicted! I wanted MORE; we all did. So, we returned year after year to get our annual fix until I eventually decided to make the leap across the pond and make this home.  

Las Vegas Home


Depending on what sort of experience you are looking for, Vegas can be done reasonably cheaply or be frighteningly expensive.

For example; you can eat an unlimited amount of food for 24hours at six different buffets on the strip for $69.99 or choose to spend $5000.00 on a single burger at Fleur at the Mandalay Bay.

Vegas does cater to pretty much every wallet; it’s just a case of how big your wallet is? 


To give you a better example, an average table at one of the nightclubs for a group of 4-6 guys will cost an average of $2,500-$3,500.00 plus tip (18%) and tax (8.265%). In some clubs, this will only be a hightop table or a very small table. If you want something a little better like a private booth, one where you can entertain, and that is close to the dance floor, and DJ area expect to pay north of $5,000.00 plus the usual add ons. 

On the other hand, for ladies, you can expect to get into these venues for free, especially if there is a large crowd of you, and to cap it off, some clubs will cover the cost of your drinks all night! Win-Win!

MGM Hakkasan Las Vegas


If a nightclub is not your scene, and you are just looking for a nice cocktail lounge to go to, drinks will run you around $17-$35 each. Check out Skybar, at the Waldorf Astoria or the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay for spectacular views over the strip. The views at either are stunning.

Drinks Being Poured

Breakfast & Lunch

If you are coming to see the sights in Vegas and tour the casinos and visit all the other great tourist spots without the expensive nightlife add ons, it can be done relatively cheaply. An average main course at many of the casinos’ standard restaurants will run you around $15-$35.00ea and a pint of beer costs around $10.00ea.

Breakfast and lunch run about $8-$20.00 per meal depending on the level of restaurant you’re eating at, and hot drinks run around $3-$6.00ea. 

So, all in all, you’re looking around $125.00 a day to feed and water oneself.

A good tip to know: Bring your own bottled drinking water! (If you can?) The casinos charge an outrageous price for convenience. You’ll be looking at around $5.00+ per bottle for WATER! Youll be needing a few of these after a heavy night out.

The water that comes out of the casino taps is not very nice.

Las Vegas Breakfast

Overall  I think its best to budget around  $250.00 a day for a couple; this will give you enough of a budget to sample some great restaurants and bars.

If there is a large group of you looking to blow your minds on nightclub experiences or lounges, I would definitely look to allow around $400-500 a day as the clubs and bars will soak up your money, faster than a sponge soaks up water!

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