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Visitors and even Las Vegas locals ask, “where is the best happy hour?” “what’s going on this weekend?” “where do I find the best club discounts?”
There are hundreds upon hundreds of websites that tell you the “Top 20” or the “Best of Vegas 2020” things you should be doing when you arrive in Sin City, but how many of those websites are personalized for your interests?

Travelling to new destinations worldwide, we all want to know the top events, restaurants, and bars that we should be experiencing. Locals know where to go that no online search is ever going to provide. Our, Founder Neil, having moved to Las Vegas in 2016 from England, finds himself enjoying the Vegas lifestyle through the nightlife, exploring the great outdoors, eating at many fantastic restaurants here, and so much more.

Being a travel junkie, Neil has visited many luxurious destinations worldwide, including Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, Cambodia, Thailand, Spain, France, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Mexico, to name a few. Neil aims to share some of his personal life and experiences and writes insightful posts to provide his readers with an inside look at what all Las Vegas has to offer through the lens of a world traveller.

Always being the life of the party, Neil wanted to create a space for everyone to know exactly what is going on in Las Vegas at any time. Whimzy provides locals and tourists alike with honest reviews of Las Vegas’ expansive list of hotels, restaurants, bars, events, and so much more.

Whimzy tailors and guides you to the best hotel packages for your budget, to nightclub discounts, or to where the best happy hours are on a Tuesday afternoon. We have the knowledge and experience of what is happening for everyone’s tastes and budgets.
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