For the those who come to Las Vegas the most common asked question is, “what are the best things I should be doing when I arrive?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of websites that tell you the “Top 20” or the “Best of Vegas 2020” things you should be doing when you arrive in Sin City, but how may have the personalization to YOU? 99% of these websites have redundant information on them, especially with the frequency of new bars replacing old it can become quite exhausting finding what you’re exactly looking for.

I also appreciate there’s google maps that does a great job in telling us all of where things are and how to get there, but one thing that google DOES NOT tell you is where you should be going tonight, or tomorrow night to have the best experience that you’re wanting while here in Vegas.

We have all experienced this before, travelling to different cities or other countries across the world, we want to know the top things we should be doing while we are there, without pressure of squeezing everything in. Just in case we don’t go back for another five or ten years.

Whether we are with our partners or friends, we all each have an experience that we are looking to fulfill and do. So, the question of knowing what is happening when you arrive in a new city and what we should be doing, is usually best found from the locals that live the city.

Locals have the knowledge of what’s good or bad that no online search is ever going to tell.  Just like when you go to a restaurant and we ask the server, “what would you recommend” because of certain diet restrictions or just because you want to try something completely different.

There are many examples when of this when coming to a city like Vegas. Most of us want to know which pool parties, clubs, or steak restaurants are the best ones we should be going to, because we want to experience what we see and hear from others and online.

Creating Whimzy has been an amazing adventure for our, Founder Neil McMullin. Having moved to Las Vegas four years ago from England he has found himself enjoying the Vegas lifestyle though the nightlife, exploring the great outdoors, eating at many of the fantastic restaurant here and so much more.

Neil has absolutely immersed himself into the Vegas way of living.

As a result of living here many friends and family come to stay, each wanting a taste of the Vegas experience. With this, he grew upon his knowledge and understanding of what was happening in Vegas through the seasonal changes that gave way to give his friends and family an amazing time due to what he knows.

Through these experiences Neil was getting asked more frequently by friends of friends or extended family members what things they should be doing and experiencing for their individual stays. He found that while people used the web to reference certain things for their trips, they wanted to know specifics for certain nights of their stay;

“Is Calvin Harris playing this Friday, because I really want to go Omnia, but I also want to see Calvin Harris play at the same time?”

“I want to see Michael Jackson One show on Saturday night, but will we have time to get dinner before it if we are just getting back from a tour at the Grand Canyon in the afternoon?”

“Is there a happy hour to watch the sunset from a roof top lounge”

“Where can I get best discount for the Cirque show that I’ve been waiting to see for the last year”

With this demand growing for local information and insights, Neil realized there is a demand from tourists and locals for this information, and that is where Whimzy was born from.

Whimzy is able to tailor and guide you to the best hotel packages for your budget, to nightclub discounts, or to where the best happy hours are on a Tuesday afternoon. We have the knowledge and experience of what is happening for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

Contact us today to an unforgettable time here in Las Vegas.