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$70,000 For A Las Vegas Nightclub Table!

$70,000 For A Las Vegas Nightclub Table!


Just How Expensive Are Las Vegas Nightclubs For Summer 2021?


That said, we all seem to have a love affair with them because they can be SO much fun. You get access to some of the best DJ’s in the world, and probably more profoundly, you get looked after like there is no tomorrow!
Oh and, let us not forget, you get to see some of the most beautiful people dressed to the nines for the occasion as well!
So here is a review of 5 of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for the 2021 summer, including 4th of July weekend!
Courtesy of Zouk

ZOUK at Resort World

Let us start with one of the most expensive tables you can buy right now for the July 4th celebrations this year (you may want to have a seat before reading the following)

At Zouk, the latest addition to the Vegas day/nightlife scene, at the new and exciting Resort World. You can get a table to see Tiesto and Zedd on the 3rd of July for a hefty $50,000.00! Oh, and don’t forget the following “additional” fees that are lumped on top as well:

Table $50,000.00

Venue Fee $6,375.00

Gratuity $7,500.00

Sales Tax $4,721.41

Spend Agreement is a whopping $68,596.41 (minimum too)

The table is said to be the “best” location in the club; I should bloody well hope so for the best part of $70,000! This is a staggering amount of money to pay for six hours of live music for (up to) 12 people. However, I am guessing that they won’t be short of people willing to pay this mighty price tag, bearing in mind XS at the Wynn has taken the crown for many years for having some of the most expensive tables in all of Vegas!

We haven’t been able to party here just yet as Zouk, to justify the enormous price tags because it doesn’t officially open until the 24th of June 2021.

I am looking forward to exploring Zouk and the other hot spots here when the doors finally open at the end of the month.

Courtesy of Wynn

XS & EBC at Wynn & Encore

The crown jewels of the Vegas day and nightlife are the clubs at Wynn and Encore. 

XS at Wynn and Encore Beach Club (EBC) at Encore has been the leading venues for many years. XS opened on New Year’s Eve in 2008 with a 40,000 sq ft venue that is large enough to accommodate 3,000 guests. And EBC opened in 2010 and is around 55,000 square feet. This place is enormous!

They are both stunning, probably the prettiest and most flamboyant clubs I have been to; I feel like we should be wiping our feet on entry into these places.

 XS has been beautifully designed with golden draped features, red velvet curtains decorating the walls and dancing poles surround much of the dance floor; you definitely get to see a lot of action once the drinks start flowing and the champagne has reached the lips of many.

They are that sophisticated and ultra-modern; the only downside to them “both” is their cost of admission.

The clubs are only open 4 (XS) and 5 (EBC) days a week and cost a pretty penny if you would like to reside at a table or a cabana for any occasion. 

For example, a table at XS on the 2nd of July will cost you a minimum of $2000.00, all the way up to $20,000.00 to watch the Chainsmokers for the evening, depending on your table of choice! Oh, and don’t forget about all the additional costs they lovingly add on, too, contributing to another 36% on top of the table cost.

Thanks, guys!

If General Admission is more your thing, these start at $30.00 (depending on if you are male or female), rising to around $250.00 for big named DJ’s or holiday weekends. 

Drinks start at around $16.00 for a beer and about $20.00 for a mixer.

That said, XS is a must if you have never been to Vegas before. I can promise you will not regret it. They have a stunning patio/garden area that you can explore too, with another bar to spend those hard-earned dollars at, with the pool taking up a large piece of real estate.

Both towers of the Wynn and Encore tower over you to leave an impressive backdrop.

If you are in a party that mainly consists of the same sex but wanting to mingle with others of the opposite, this is a great spot to do just that!

Just make sure you have deep pockets when coming here. 

If you have never been to a pool party at night, EBC will be right up your street. It is happening every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday through the summer months.


Hakkasan At MGM Grand

Hakkasan is the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas and the whole of the United States! It’s bloody massive, to say the least.

This club is spread over five floors and can feel too big at times. Even though I enjoy coming here, I tend to avoid it on a holiday weekend or for a big named DJ, like Calvin Harris or Tiesto. 

This is because the main DJ floor and dance area can feel too congested and sardine-like to be enjoyable. Fair enough if you like this being tightly packed in or pushed around as people are moving between the crowd, but for me, it takes some of the enjoyment away from the experience of it all. Especially when you start wearing other peoples drinks too.

Due to its size, it can be a pain in the bottom to constantly check out the other floors for different music genres or even to see what’s happening or where it is busy because the only way to get around in here is climbing the copious amounts of stairs.

That said, if you don’t mind walking around and exploring, Hakkasan is a good night and is cheaper than the other two giants! 

General Admission and table cost are a lot cheaper than Wynn and Resorts World.

For July 4th weekend, you are looking at $50.00 for females and $75.00 for Males for GA. Tables start at $1250.00 on the third floor and $4000.00 up to $8000.00 for the main DJ floor. Plus the wonderful taxes and gratuity!

I would recommend getting here slightly earlier, around 10-11 PM, if you are going in as GA, because the queues can get quite long and can be one hell of a wait if you are not close to the front of the line.


Courtesy Of Omnia

Omnia At Casars Palace 

Omnia is one of the people’s favourite nightclubs to visit! Rebranded (previously know as Pure Nightclub) and refurbished at the cost of around $107 million in 2015, Omnia is well known for having some of the best DJ’s in the world playing here.

It’s a bloody big venue, too, some 75,000 square feet spread over two floors with a rooftop terrace that overlooks the famous Las Vegas Blvd. The ticket price for a GA ticket is well worth it, just for the view alone. 

Omnia has a stunning centrepiece chandelier weighing a total of 22,000 pounds and is composed of eight rings, the largest of which is 32 feet in diameter. It’s so flipping cool to see it with all the LED lights, pyrotechnics and smoke effects in action.

Caesars Omnia Nightclub
Courtesy Of Omnia

Omnia’s entrance is located inside Caesars Palace, just off the casino floor to the right-hand side if you are walking in from the front door of Caesars.

Pricing is in the mid-price cap price range of XS and Hakkasan.
Currently, Steve Aoki, Fergie, 4B and other big-name DJs have residencies at Omnia for 2021 so expect some big crowds to be flowing through the doors this coming summer.

General Admissions for July 4th weekend start at $40.00 for females and $75.00 for males. Prices start at $1500.00 for a Terrace VIP table and around $4000.00+ for the tables around the dance floor.

If you do get a table on the terrace or just go in as a GA, I would get down to the main dance floor early if you want to see the event because if you leave it until he comes on, you will be watching from the fire exit doors.

Courtesy Of Marquee

Marquee At Cosmopolitan 

Marquee keeps the orderly high standards that you find inside The Cosmopolitan. It’s another excellent day and nightclub that you will want to see when visiting Vegas. 

The club is some 40,000 square-foot, so it’s big. Still, it doesn’t feel that big when you are inside and enjoy the scenery and the events taking place. The dance floor is in a great position, too, comes surrounded by opulent booths that can cost you an arm and a leg, depending on the DJ and the holiday occasion!

Make sure you make time to take in the views from the rooftop terrace. Similar to Omnia, it has some stunning view over Las Vegas Blvd.

Marquee has seven different bars and three rooms—The Main Room, The Boom Box, and The Library—each with a different musical experience. 

Whenever I have been, the music has always been top drawer, even at 4 AM with a fuzzy head!

From my experience, the queues to get in her take some time to process, especially in the General Admissions line. The door staff haven’t been the friendliest either and can be pretty blunt and rather rude too, even when you are dropping around $6000.00 on some incredibly expensive Vodka and Rum. It can undoubtedly be frustrating dealing with them.

Let’s hope they have relaxed some with things opening back up from COVID-19?!

General Admission runs at $60.00 for males and $30.00 for females. 

Tables start at $1000.00 for an Indoor Main Room table, rising to $15,000.00 for a Grand Cabana. Plus the usual additional taxes and fees.

Dress Attire is usually high class here. Both males and females come dressed to the nines here. Marquee has some of the most attractive people you will see in all of Vegas!



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