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What’s Happening In Vegas During COVID-19?

What’s Happening In Vegas During COVID-19?


One of the most common questions that we keep getting asked over the last six months; just how fun is Vegas at the moment and are things still open?

Sadly, it’s a mixed bag, rather than being a straightforward yes or no.

Many of the restaurants, bars, shops and experiences are still open, though are operating at a 25% capacity and most require a booking to wine and dine with them.

Thankfully the larger capacity venues are still closed even though there are calls for them to be reopened, which is somewhat troublesome when given no more than two seconds of thought. Why would anyone in their right mind want and be willing to go to a nightclub, theatre, or concert and be surrounded by thousands of other people in an enclosed space?!

Vegas is unique because many people come to experience something entirely out of the ordinary, which you cannot get from any other town or city that many live in.
Within that expectation, people still hope that Vegas can pull the rabbit out of the bag with COVID-19 and still have most attractions open and fully functional. And to date, it has not.
Many of the casinos on the Strip and Downtown are very quiet, with many gambling locations currently laying empty. The tables that are open have very few people occupying or playing at them. It’s almost a throwback to the recession in 2008.

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Walking the Strip and taking in the atmosphere, you can definitely feel the lack of energy in and around the area. There isn’t the usual hustle and bustle of people laughing and drinking taking in the sights.

Going to a bar or restaurant can be a very different experience to the last. Many of the bars and restaurants are operating different protocols with their COVID standards. Some allow you to sit at a table or bar with your facemask off for your whole stay, whereas others are more militant about it all; they require you to be wearing it at all times, other than when you are putting something in your mouth!

How there is a mixed bag of standards in these places is somewhat baffling, surely its either one or the other Steve Sisolak (Governor of Nevada)?!

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Laying by the pools (that are open) in Vegas is a whole new experience (again). Their policy is to enforce face coverings at all times! Expect for eating and drinking. Has anyone told them that we are outside and not inside? Riddle me this; How can you be allowed to remove your face coverings when you are sat at a table inside, but you’re forced to wear one when you’re laying on a sun lounger outside at the same casino/hotel?! That said, with all these restrictions in place and fewer people coming, there are some great deals to be had for hotel stays. You can pick up a stay at the  Mandalay Bay, Delano, Caesars and a few other 5-star resorts for less than $100.00 a night! Which is somewhat of a bargain. I’ve even seen the Mandalay advertised for as little as $36.00 a night (midweek), or even the Flamingo for low as $18.00 a night! Now that’s cheap! Though be mindful, most of the Strip hotels still have their horrific “Resort Fees” in place, but on the positive note, MGM has waivered their parking fees at all their properties! Take it while you can get it. All that said, if you are looking for a cheap stay and aren’t really concerned with getting the full “Vegas Experience” now is a great time to come and enjoy the calmer times here. There is still plenty to do, with many places still open to eat and drink at, plenty of places to see and visit and best of all you can do it in the cheap! On the other hand, if you are looking to come to Vegas for the first time, to see what the hype is, I would wait some and save those extra dollars for when it does re-open because it will be one hell of a party!
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