New York-New York Las Vegas

“We need something that is on the Strip, so it is close to everything, nice enough for all of us to stay in without worrying, but cheap enough to cover everyone’s budget”.

That was the brief given by our Stag as we sat together over a beer and it was dictated to us that he wanted a hotel centrally located.

Knowing Vegas as I do, the prices on some hotels can fluctuate dues to certain events being in town at any given week or month.

Vegas Strip is quite big in reality, and the hotels are just as epic in size. One question deemed to be a “must” by our party was, it needs to have a casino. It turns out the whole city is a casino, so no need to worry about that bit!

MGM Resorts owns a fair chunk of the big player hotels. One of their cheaper hotels on the list at the time was Luxor, however with this being towards one end of the Strip, I thought it might be better located nearer the middle.

After a few emails back and forth among the group, it was decided New York New York Hotel & Casino. It was a close run for the price with Circus Circus but, in the end, due to where it is located on the Strip it would be more beneficial to all to stay there.

I would suggest when you look at the prices of any hotel in Las Vegas, that you read the terms to see how much the resort fee is per night because these fluctuate across every hotel in Vegas and some can be as much an additional $50.00 a night.

The stag party arrived from the UK, and we all took a taxi to the hotel which took 20 minutes and isn’t too expensive, around $25.00 between four of you. (uber is also a good option).

If you’re feeling ultra-flush and you would like to arrive at your hotel in style you can always get a limo from the airport. Depending on how many people you have in your party, these start at around $120.00

There are over 2000 rooms of varying grades to choose from in NYNY and nearly 8000 square metres of gaming space. You could even gamble on your room type by selecting an option where you got allocated whatever was available, crossing your fingers for a penthouse suite.

Behind the statue (which isn’t as big as the real one In New York) there are some colourful high-rise tower blocks to symbolise the New York skyline. NYNY opened in 1997, and due to the heat and the amount of sun this city gets, there does seem to be some colour fading going on, to some aspects of it.

Spiraling around the buildings is the red tracked, Big Apple roller coaster. Sadly, this isn’t free for hotel guests and costs around $25 a ticket. 

You may hear the occasional scream when walking through the casino floor as the rollercoaster does partially enter the interior of the building for a moment before going back outside. 

The checking-In process is very efficient and quick. There is plenty of staff behind desks flitting about, bell boys sorting baggage and security at most corners. A small queue, a scan of the passport and everyone was ready to rock ’n roll.

After all the guys checked in and dropped their bags off in their rooms, everyone headed to a bar to get some drinks down them after a ten and half hour’s flight from London. 

For those who love being online, the WIFI picks up at any of the resorts owned by MGM, and I believe they have an app you can download with helpful content.

The rooms in NYNY are huge, some even with 2 Queen beds in, that are perfectly comfortable, with good sized wardrobes and similarly sized bathrooms. The hotel was renovated in 2006, some rooms are basic in comparison to others, but are perfect for those who don’t spend much time in their rooms.

Down on the main floor and behind the sprawling casino, there is the setting of the streets of New York, with shops, restaurants and bars. You could have been forgiven for thinking you were outside.

Memorable food outlets were Sirrico’s pizza and plenty of doughnut shops for the sweet tooth. There is a selection of eateries, steaks, fish, burgers, probably a salad too but who goes on holiday for a salad in the USA?

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil is the big show in the theatre on-site and is an excellent show for those who are aged over 18 due to the sexual nature to its performance.

There are copious amounts of bars in this casino, and an excellent meeting point is aptly named the ‘Centre Bar’ which is a circular bar, you guessed it, in the centre of the main floor. It also tended to be a meeting point later in the night for scantily dressed single women looking for a room to visit at a chargeable rate, though security would sometime come and move them along.

The Irish pub, named, Nine Irishman, has live bands every night at 9 PM has a bit of character, and up an escalator, there is Coyote Ugly bar/club with music going for hours. There is live music here some nights as well.

Casinos are, of course, the big moneymaker in the home of gambling. The lights don’t turn off; they are open all night and day. All the usual favourite games are available to play at tables, at varying stakes. Electronic machines galore, I wouldn’t want to be paying the fuel bill.

The casino staff on the tables were usually attentive, and the drinks girls were generally on hand to keep you hydrated while you focus on making your millions (or losing it).

Of course, the hotels try to offer as much as they can, but you will want to get out to see more of Vegas. Traveling around by taxi is easy, and cars can be called outside readily. It is good to have a walk along the Strip too.

Over the road is Hard Rock Cafe and various shops. Next door is the T-Mobile arena where they host the Golden Knights matches. About a block down was a large supermarket-style store for general purchases. 

NYNY ticks many boxes for those who are looking for a fun place to stay! If you wanted to spend big on a hotel, I don’t think it would be at New York, but on the lower end of your budget, it is definitely a good option, encompassing your needs and setting an excellent base to enjoy the bright lights of the city that never sleeps.

Let me know if your experience at New York New York was better or worse. Leave your comments below.

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