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Steve Wynn Las Vegas Resorts

Steve Wynn Las Vegas Resorts

Wynn Casino Las Vegas

If you have never heard of Steve Wynn before, first things first, he knows how to build and design beautiful resorts and hotels! He initially came to fame by creating The Mirage, Treasure Island and the Bellagio all in Vegas. Steve then went on to found Wynn Resort and opened Wynn Casino in 2005.

The Wynn and Encore are probably THE best hotels that you would want to stay in if you are coming to Las Vegas.

I’ll lay this out very simply; they are (almost) bloody perfect! From the initial fragrance that hits you when you step through the front door to the royal’esk floral red carpet that lays beneath your feet as you walk around the resort casino floor, to the beautiful lavish fabrics and furnishings that occupy the walls and ceilings, this hotel screams stunning! 

If this hotel were in another major city like London or Paris for example, it would be almost frowned upon to be walking around with a beer in one hand and a greasy burger in the other, while dressed in a vest, shorts and flip-flops. But here in Vegas? Oh, hell no, they welcome you with open arms! What’s not to love?! 

The shopping experience here is top drawer, with some of the very best designer brands in fashion, jewellery, and accessories located in the mall between the Wynn and Encore. The only downside with these brands, they don’t come cheap! 

I remember when I first moved to Vegas, I once popped into one of the shops to try on a jacket because I liked it so much while walking through the mall window shopping. 

It just had to be done, without even thinking about how much it cost, I went in tried it on and thought, yes, I want this! I gratefully took it off to realize it was a $6500.00 jacket, plus tax! OUCH! I respectfully placed it back on the hanger and said my goodbyes to the helpful staff while sipping on a beer.

Neil McMullin Wynn Casino $6500 Jacket
Neil McMullin in $6500 Jacket

Now back to why you should check out the Wynn or Encore when you come to Vegas:

  • The hotel rooms and suites are some of the best that you will find in the world, let alone just in Las Vegas. You can grab some excellent deals in the off-peak months or quiet weeknights for around $170.00 per night + taxes. The summer (May through to September) rates tend to be somewhat more; rooms can be as much as $400.00 a night!
  • The food and drink (like most of Vegas) is so bloody good! The restaurants in Wynn and Encore are some of the best in the world, from Sushi to Steak (including Vegan options), they all come highly recommended. If you are a lover of sushi, I highly recommend going to Mizumi and if you are looking to book a table, ask for one that overlooks their private Japanese gardens surrounding an idyllic koi pond with a 90-foot waterfall. In the warmth of the summer, it is one of the best places to enjoy a wonderful evening while enjoying the cold breeze that comes off the pond. 

Late Night Food

If you are looking for some midnight cravings after leaving a bar or club, like XS, I highly recommend Allegro for their burgers! Boy, they are good!!! I remember a time when I and some friends lefts XS Nightclub in the early hours, slightly drunk, and we were starving for some food! The restaurant is literally around the corner and is open 24 hours and was right on point for our early morning feast!

Oh and check out their Happy Hour at some point too, their menu for this is small, but fulfilling.

Allegro Wynn Casino

The Carousel Horse

The stunning flower display that is located near to the casino floor and Parasol Down Bar is a definite must-see and allows for some great photos to be taken. The carousel horse and housing are all decorated in a beautiful flower and plant display that is a MUST see when coming to Vegas. 

This is a wonderful spot for couples or families to take photos underneath the display of nearly 286,00 stems, 121,00 potted plants and trees. Many of these flowers come from all over the states and other parts of the world as well.

The Carousel Horse

One Of The Best

One of the most iconic shows to see in Vegas is La Rêve at the Wynn Theatre. An absolutely breathtaking display of acrobatic rawness that will literally take your breath away. You will see them perform death-defying dives and aerial feats from an 80ft diving height, beautifully synchronized swimming, ballroom dancing, underwater tango and so much more! 

The first time that I saw this show, I was blown away at just how good it is.

I have seen a few shows over the years, and it really is one of the best available to see in Vegas

This a must-see when you’re in town!

Parasol Down Bar

If you’re looking for some downtime at the Wynn and would like to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), head over to the Parasol Down Bar. They have some of the best cocktails available on the strip, their bar menu for food is excellent as well.

Sit back on their terrace and take in the Lake Of Dreams show, which takes place every 30 minutes from 6 PM until 11:30 PM every day, and it is well worth seeing for an hour two. 

It’s a lovely spot for drinks and food, especially on a warm evening, you’ll be kissed with the refreshing cold air breeze coming off the lake, making it a little more enjoyable to sit outside in the summer’s heat.

If the heat is too much to handle, head inside where you will be able to watch another display of the suspended multi-colored moving parasols that move above you.

Parasol Down Bar Wynn Casino
Parasol Down Bar

There really is so much to see and do at these two resorts, I cannot recommend them highly enough to you, you will have a fabulous time at either one!

For more information about other resorts checkout out our blog or contact us directly to know what is happening in Las Vegas for when you arrive. It will be an unforgettable experience!


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