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Budweiser Beer Park Las Vegas

Budweiser Beer Park Las Vegas

Budweiser Beer Park

Budweiser’s Beer Park is an excellent spot for those who love cold beers, American food and watching live sports! 

Beer Park is located in front of Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Blvd on the 1st floor which allows for excellent viewing of the Bellagio fountains water show.

I like this place for watching football (Soccer) as they have plenty of large TV screens that surround the two island bars that are located in the middle of the floor space. They often have the sound on for the bigger games, that’s played out across their speaker system. The atmosphere can become pretty bonkers here, especially when it’s a big game in a World Cup or alike. If you are coming to watch a “big” match, I would highly recommend calling ahead to reserve a table as they do get booked up very quickly. Because if you don’t, the wait for one can be insane!

If you’re a UFC or boxing fan, don’t bother looking to come here to watch any of these fights because they don’t generally show them.

You will need to go somewhere else to watch these fights. Because of the outrageous PPV costs that the bars have to pay, they then fleece the customers for the privilege! The bars that do show it charge anywhere from $40-$125.00 covers for the opportunity. 

Contact us to find out where is the cheapest place to do this.

The Park also has plenty of other games available for patrons, like Jenga, pool, beer pong, and many more for those not that interested in sports on the TV.

There is plenty of options for beers; on draft and in bottles though be warned these are not cheap! A pint (an English one) runs at around $20.00 when you include tip and tax! Five pints later you’re looking around $100.00 for the privilege of drinking in the sun and overlooking the strip, that’s expensive for a few hours of viewing pleasure even for a Vegas bar!

That said, this is a fun place to be, even without any sports to watch, the location allows for plenty of people watching and cold drinks in the sun, what more could you ask for?! 

They have copious amounts of misters above the seating areas, and sunscreens to help with the heat. 

Overall, it’s a nice place to be, albeit you are paying through the nose for a pint! There’s a great selection of beers, food is okay, game(s) selection is great and for people watching its one of the best places for it on the Strip.


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