Something is Seedy on Freemont Street

Something is Seedy on Freemont Street

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By Christopher Salute

When I first got to Las Vegas, a few years back, I remember having a vivid conversation with some of my friends about why there were no dispensaries anywhere near the strip or Fremont Street. 

“I don’t think in the foreseeable future you are going to see the retail sales of any cannabis product on the Las Vegas Strip,” said Chairman Steve Sisolak of the Clark County Commission, 2017 

I get it. If it’s not gambling related, it’s not a welcome Sin City Sin. It’s the same reason you need to go outside of Clark County to find a brothel. 

“Marijuana, the newest legal vice in this capital of vice, will also be kept separate, even when the state gets its system of recreational dispensaries set up. 

The zoning rules for Clark County don’t allow dispensaries anywhere near a casino. Clark County has at least a dozen dispensaries parallel to the Strip, but they’re at least several blocks away and nowhere in sight.” – CNN Money, 2017 (

Four years later and we’re starting to see dispensaries inch their way closer to the downtown and Strip areas (The Arts District for example). But, Las Vegas has way fewer dispensaries than some of the other well known 420 friendly cities. 

In fact, this article from Verilife shows Nevada as being 8th in rankings of dispensaries per capita (Colorado right next door being way ahead, and Michigan being right on its heels). Las Vegas doesn’t even rank in the top 30 cities with dispensaries. 

Then why do we now see dispensaries popping up right on Fremont Street? Two have been established within the shops. One such, called “The Club” looked clean and fresh. So, I walked in. 

The jars of green looked and smelled fantastic. The prerolls were well packed. I was ready to ask for pricing… until a few minutes into the experience, I realized something: 

  • I wasn’t asked for ID when I walked in
  • In fact, there was no security window
  • There was no line to speak with a bud-tender, a staple at any dispensary 

This… was a CBD store. Check this instagrammer shooting video of it calling it out. 

Then, why weren’t the words “CBD” ANYWHERE to be found? The answer is easy: Places like “The Spot” are trying to disguise themselves AS THC or marijuana dispensaries. 

I’d imagine the conversation to go like this…

Oklahoma Tourist: Will this pre-roll get me stoned? 

Salesperson: … It’ll give you a good buzz. 

This is without a doubt one of the most misrepresenting businesses in Vegas… a city that thrives on sin. 

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