Is Planet 13 Worth the Hype?

Is Planet 13 Worth the Hype?


By Christopher Salute, Bold Brand Management


I’ll admit, as a Las Vegas Local, I wasn’t too keen on Planet 13… I was however, keen on rhyming that. 

Dad jokes aside, I had heard it was a bit overpriced. And, I live on the other side of town so I had no need to travel to a different dispensary

A friend came to town, recently, staying on the strip (of course). And they wanted to hit up a dispensary. Cool… we can do that. There are a few within a short walk. And, if we’re going to walk… why not walk to Planet 13? “I hear it’s an experience,” I said. They were on vacation,  so a few extra bucks shouldn’t kill us. 

Planet 13 is absolutely an experience. I heard correctly. From the coffee shop to the bar to the cute tour of their facility, there’s much more to do than to just go buy a pre-roll.  You could spend a few hours having drinks with like minded folks or grab a coffee and brownie (THC sold separately). Or, you can take some photos inside or outside  the facility.Our favorite selfie spots include: 

  • Inside the smoking van
  • Next to said smoking van 
  • Near the marijuana separating and canning facility 
  • In the really cute cup shaped chairs near the coffee shop 
  • In front of the giant “Planet 13” rotating globe
  • In front of the enormous neon “Planet 13” wall
The “Smokey Van” at Planet 13

You can absolutely check our Tik Tok for full video with some of these. 

But, experience aside, is it worth the drive or walk? The answer is “absolutely.” 

A few cons to consider, first: 

  • Many of the products  from THC to edibles to tools to swag are very expensive 
    • I never understood charging so much for folks to wear a hat with your name on it. I doubt it gets sold as much for that reason. 
  • That wait to see a budtender was VERY long. There’s not much to do other than look at product  while you wait. 
  • Most of the ipad menus  were out of order 

Here are a few pros: 

  • While the products were expensive, much of their product line up is VERY high quality from tools and paraphernalia to their actual THC products 
  • Everything was displayed in a way that was enticing and exciting to be around 
  • There is a 20% discount for locals and they have daily deals (some items were up to 40% off),  making their very high quality products also pretty affordable. 

So…. is Planet 13 Worth the Hype? The answer? Yes! 

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